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10 ways to stay active in the Mackay Region

10 Best ways to stay active during your stay in the Mackay Region.

The Mackay & Isaac Regions has some amazing views and scenery to offer, but what if you’re looking to stay active? Well, fear not because our home has something for you too.







  1. Blacks Beach stairs – Starting you off with this author’s personal favourite, the Black’s beach stairs are a unique but very effective way of staying fit if you’re in the region. These steps are popularly known as ‘Hell Stairs’ among locals and will test your motivation to stay active. These 72 steps cover a 20.5-meter incline, which should ensure that you burn enough calories to match your daily fitness goal. An added benefit of these stairs is that they are located on Blacks beach, one of Mackay’s most beautiful beaches.
    Blacks beach stairs shaunomakk

    Image Credits : @shaunomakk

    If you like what you see while you’re there, book a room at the Comfort Resort Blue Pacific, a beautiful resort overlooking the beach. The resort is only a short stroll away from Blacks Beach park and provides direct beach access to the incredible Blacks Beach.  (PS: The Resort's beach front is absolutely stunning. Don't believe us? Take a look below.)

    Comfort Resort Pacific Blue

Directions: Blacks Beach stairs can be accessed through Bourke Street and are located near the Blacks Beach park

  1. Yuibera Plant Trail – If you want to stay active, what can beat walking? We recommend you stay active by walking possibly the most scenic trail in Mackay. While you’re walking along the trail, enjoy the spectacular landscapes and natural beauty that adore the rugged coastline of Cape Hillsborough National Park. This is probably the only place in the world where lush and fertile rainforests meet the rocky headlands and the golden sand of the coastline, which means your walk across the trail will be a picturesque one too.
    Yuibera Plant Trail Queensland National Parks

Image Credits : Queensland National Parks
Directions: The Yuibera Plant Trail is in Cape Hillsborough National Park, which is about 50 km north of Mackay. The trail starts in the Hidden Valley, just over 1km from the southern end of the Cape Hillsborough day-use area.

  1. Bluewater Trail – Why not take a nice evening stroll by the river to stay active? Well, that’s exactly what the Bluewater Trail offers! This impressive trail takes you through all of Mackay’s important landmarks, from the Botanical Gardens to Bluewater Lagoon and Town Beach. With over 20 kilometers to walk, you will surely reach your daily steps goal while gazing at the astonishing beauty the town of Mackay has to offer.

    bluewater trail

Directions: Begin on River Street in the Mackay CBD and walk along the Sandfly Creek River Walk.

  1. Picnic at Lord’s Table Mountain – Located in the Peak Range National Park, a picnic atop Lord’s Table Mountain will bring out the nature lover in you. As you walk through the beautiful Isaac Region Hinterlands, you will come to appreciate the natural views that the Peak Down’s National Park and Lord’s Table Mountain provide. Climb the mountain’s rock face or explore its surrounding bushwalks, there are many ways to stay active at Lord’s Table Mountain. (Adventurers beware: There is no clearly marked trail to the top of Lord’s Table Mountain.)

    Lords Table

Directions: Lord’s Table Mountain is 275 km away from Mackay and the quickest way to get there is to follow the Peak Downs Highway before turning left onto New Corry Road.

  1. Hike in Crediton State forest – If you’re looking to stay active and do some exploring at the same time, why not hike in the Crediton State forest. This beautiful slice of heaven is home to some amazing trees and even better views, with the most popular one being that of dry eucalypt leaves standing out among the lush green rainforest. Don’t be surprised if you come across some gold mining relics from the 1800s while you’re in the forest as this area was a popular spot for miners back then. Experience the gold mining history and so much more at the Crediton State forest, all while staying fit and active.
    Crediton State Forest Queensland National Parks

Image Credits : Queensland National Parks
Directions: The Crediton State Forest is about 90 kilometers away from Mackay. The best way to get there is to follow the Mackay Eungella Road before turning left onto Pinnacle Septimus Road.

  1. Wake House Australia: Have you been Wakeboarding? If not, this is possibly the most fun way to stay active in the Mackay Region. The Wake House Australia in Mackay offers cable wakeboarding for all ages and across all difficulties and is one of the most popular destinations among locals. Head down to Wakehouse and grab a surfboard, and stay active in the beautiful Mackay sunshine. If you want a bite to eat, they’ve got a café and if you feel like staying the night at the Park, there are even accommodation options. Like I mentioned earlier, this is the most fun way of staying active in Mackay.
    Sunrise at Wake House Australia in Mackay

Directions: The Wake house is a ten-minute drive from Mackay’s CBD. You can get there by taking Glenpark Street onto Beaconsfield Road.

  1. Mt Dalrymple hike – This hike is a fun challenge for those that love that sort of thing. Standing 1,227 meters above the pristine rainforest of Eungella National Park, Mount Dalrymple is an exciting climb that offers breath-taking views. While the tracks to the top involve steep inclines and descents, on a clear day you can see the breadth of the magnificent Eungella rainforest from the top. (Pro Tip: Climb up on top of the huge boulders that sit on the summit to get an incredible view all the way out to the ocean.)

    Mt. Dalrymple elpho

Image Credits : @elpho_

Directions: Mount Dalrymple is 102 kilometers away from Mackay and can be reached by following the Mackay Eungella Road before turning onto Dalrymple Road.

  1. Sarina Beach – Staying active on the beach can be both fun and rewarding. Enjoy a long run on the sandy and pristine Sarina Beach that will help you stay active and will also keep you refreshed with its wonderous beauty. The beach is popular among locals for its sweeping golden sand and gentle waves, which should make the perfect background music for your run. This beach only a few minutes from the town of Sarina and is flanked by an esplanade park and barbecue facilities for you to relax after the run.

    Sarina Beach

Directions: Sarina Beach can be accessed by following the aptly named Sarina Coast Road.

  1. Gooseponds – The Gooseponds in Mackay were built as part of the Mackay Regional Council’s 10,000 steps initiative. That should tell you everything about how you can stay active! The area consists of multiple walking tracks and exercise stations that should ensure all fitness fanatics have the equipment they are looking for.  (Fun fact: You can also take your dog with you to the Gooseponds, as there is a designated off leash area and a dog park!) Also, always remember to never feed the geese.

    Gooseponds kylie1102

Image Credits : @kylie1102

Directions: The Gooseponds are about 5 kilometers away from Mackay’s CBD on Joint Levee Road.

  1. Head to the Mackay Aquatic and Recreation Centre – Looking to stay active by doing some laps in the pool? Well then why not head to the Mackay Aquatic and Recreation Centre. Set a new personal best in the FINA approved 50m pool or take a quip dip in the 15m heated pools. The ARC also have brand-new athletics track if you want to take a break from swimming. (The ARC even offers learning to swim courses if you’re looking for a new way to stay fit!)
    ARC Mackay Aquatic Recreation

Image Credits : Mackay Aquatic and Recreation Centre

Directions:  The Mackay Aquatic and Recreation Centre is located on Boundary Road off the Bruce Highway.

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