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6 Hidden beaches to uncover in Mackay

Heading to the beach in Mackay but don’t want to go to the same location time and time again? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!  Whether you’re a Mackay local or a tourist looking to explore the region’s famous beaches, check out this list of 6 hidden beaches in Mackay that will leave you in awe.

Campwin Beach

About 40 kilometers from Mackay CBD, the natural beauty at Campwin beach will blow you away. The isolated beach is a local favorite and offers a view of the Coral Point Reef. Famous for its prawns, the beach is considered to be a hidden gem among the local community. The beautiful sand and the outrageous views that this beach provides are known to leave tourists speechless. Want to stay close to this perfect beach? 

Head to the Sandpiper Motel located at Sarina Beach. With fully self-sufficient rooms and even a pool, this family run motel is a short stroll away from the beach and has all the amenities to make sure your holiday is a perfect one. Want more? The motel even has a BBQ area for you to use and there is a boat ramp nearby for the fishing enthusiast in you.

If you’re keen on a picnic spot, Campwin beach has got something for you too. Just walk up to the picnic table at the lookout or if that’s taken, sit in the sun on the grassy hill right next to it. (Pro Tip: The lookout at Campwin Beach is also a great vantage point to look for whales during the winter.

Campwin Beach oldgirl.aus

Directions: Head onto the Sarina Coast Road and hang a turn at Campwin Beach Road to get to this piece of paradise.

Grasstree Beach

A 15 -minute drive from Sarina, Grasstree Beach is a popular swimming destination among locals and tourists alike. The shallow beach is accompanied by a nearby recreational area, complete with children’s playgrounds and picnic tables. So, whether you’d like to take a dip in the ocean or spend some quality time with your family, this beach is the perfect location for you.

Grasstree Beach Motorbike Races 2

You can even get some delicious fish and chips at the Grasstree Beach Takeaway Shop. And if that’s not enough, this beach also hosts the annual Grasstree Beach Races. What more could you want?

Directions: Follow Mount Haden Reservoir Road onto Hillside Drive and you’ll be at Grasstree Beach in no time.

Illawong Beach

Looking to have fun with your dog on the beach? Well in that case this just might be the perfect location for you. Illawong beach stretches for kilometers at a time, its natural beauty open for everyone to see. This beach is pretty popular among a lot of local communities, with everyone from fishermen to windsurfers, and is also a popular picnic destination.

Illawong Beach joarvernbakken

If you’ve never seen a blue soldier crab, head to this beach to ensure you tick that item off of your list. (Pro Tip: If you cannot make it to Cape Hillsborough, head to Illawong beach for the sunrise. It is just as beautiful but closer to Mackay.)

Directions: Turn onto Bridge Road just before Mackay Airport and it’ll lead you straight to Illawong Beach. You can even see this slice of heaven while you’re landing at the Airport.

St Helens Beach

Grill your fish and prawns whilst looking at some of the most picturesque views in the world. St Helens beach is also a camping site that makes almost all others feel inferior. You can have the complete camp experience with your dogs with some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see. St Helens beach is also popular for fishing amongst locals, so you can cast your rod and relax in the sunlight.

St Helens Beach bjlahansen22 picture 2

Directions: While this beach is a little further from Mackay CBD, you can get there by turning off Bruce Highway onto the aptly named St Helens Beach Road.

Smalleys Beach

Ever seen a piece of paradise? Would you like to see It now? Head to Smalleys Beach early in the morning and you’ll see what we mean. About 35 kilometers from Mackay’s CBD, the beach is a secluded piece of heaven with breathtaking views and incredible walking trails. Located on the Hibiscus Coast, the beach is also a perfect location for campers looking to enjoy the incredible views of the Cape Hillsborough National Park.

Smalleys Beach urbanlistbne

Just pitch your tent on the bush campsite a couple minutes away from the beach and enjoy a relaxing day amongst the tall shady trees while only being a short stroll away from the beach.

Directions: Take the scenic route up to Cape Hillsborough and then get onto the Smalleys Beach Road just before the National Park.

Sunset Bay

The reason Sunset bay is a hidden gem is pretty self-explanatory. Throw out a towel on Bucasia Lion Park and watch the sun set on another day in paradise with your loved ones. To everyone travelling to Mackay for the first time, trust us, this is a must see. Featuring palm trees and sunsets that attract visitors from all over the region, this beach really has it all.

Sunset Bay Beach i am lynda

Sunset bay is a photographer’s paradise and the idyllic setting to go along with the beautiful sunset make this place one of Mackay’s most underrated areas.  (Pro Tip: Looking for a takeaway while enjoying the magnificent sunset? Head to the Eimeo pub for delicious snacks.)

Directions: Head up to Eimeo, turn at Mango Avenue and then turn onto the scenic Sunset Boulevard.

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