Bumper Barra Season Expected

The premier fishing destination that is The Mackay Region, will get even better tomorrow with the annual barramundi season opening from midday.

Each year from November through January, coinciding with their spawning season, barramundi are off-limits to anglers. Exceptions apply however to Mackay’s three stocked impoundments, Kinchant, Teemburra and Eungella, granting top class barra fishing year-round.

The opening of barra season means saltwater barramundi may once again be targeted and kept, in accordance with size and bag limits.

General Manager of Mackay Tourism Tas Webber, said this barra season looks set to be the best one yet.

“Mackay is setting a reputation for being Australia’s best fishing destination, offering visiting anglers the ability to target, not just barramundi, but a multitude of exciting fish species."

“There’s not too many places where an angler can target freshwater sooty grunter in the morning, barramundi in the creeks at lunch, and mackerel offshore in the afternoon," said Mr Webber.

Mr Webber continued “Mackay Tourism, Mackay Regional Council and local fishing associations have also worked hard to protect and promote our recreational fishing industry."

“The net free zone at Seaforth, the ‘Hooked On Mackay’ strategy and Voluntary Fishing Code of Conduct, all contribute to making The Mackay Region a desired destination for travelling anglers."

Here to help visitors catch the legendary barramundi, is Jason Kidd from Inshore Fishing Mackay.

“Barramundi are definitely the most sought-after species, and I have clients who travel from across Australia, just for the opportunity to target barra here in Mackay," he said.

Mr Kidd continued, “our region is blessed with some of Australia’s finest barramundi fishing. Thanks to the implementation of the net free zone, the waters off Seaforth give visitors to our region a great chance to experience what it’s like to hook the mighty barramundi."

“I’m looking forward to another excellent barra season and sharing in the special moment when a visitor lands their first barramundi,” said Mr Kidd.

After a successful summer targeting barramundi in Mackay’s three stocked impoundments, including competing in the Australian Fishing Championships, local angler Daniel Grech is excited for the start of barra season.

“Every year the fishing here in The Mackay Region, gets better and better. The impoundments all produced excellent fishing over summer, and I’m confident of more world-class barra fishing in the rivers and creeks around Mackay, once the season opens,” said Mr Grech.

“I’ve fished for barra all around Australia, and whether it’s the freshwater impoundments, or the beautiful beaches, creeks and rivers, you just can’t beat The Mackay Region for consistently delivering those big metre barramundi catches we all are fishing for,” he said.

Anglers looking to make the most of barra season are encouraged to visit the new ‘Hooked on Mackay’ Facebook page, containing useful fishing tips. Anglers can also show their love for fishing here in Mackay, by purchasing a limited edition ‘Hooked on Mackay’ fishing shirt, available for just $50 from the Mackay and Mackay Region Visitor Information Centres. 



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Published: 31 January 2019 

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