Cane Cutter Memorial

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A statue of a Cane Cutter, erected in 1994, is situated in Edward Lloyd Park, Marian.


A statue of a Cane Cutter, erected in 1994 as a memorial to the pioneering families of the Marian district, is situated in Edward Lloyd Park approximately 50 metres from Melba House.

Plaques on the plinth list the names of the residents - those who settled the district prior to 1900 are on the front; the remaining three sides list those families which became residents since 1900. A grove of trees planted by the members of the pioneering families surrounds the memorial.

During the Rugby League season the Canecutter shows his support for the Maroons by dressing in the team colours and waving the Queensland flag. Behind the statue is a track down to the Pioneer River, where is it possible to swim, fish and maybe even spot a Platypus.

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4 Anzac Avenue, Marian 4753

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