Mackay Tourism Ltd. (MTL) is the peak tourism organisation for the Mackay - Isaac region.

As a not-for-profit, membership-based, marketing and destination development organisation, we promote the region for both leisure and business to Australia.

MTL aims to increase the competitive strengths and success of our destination through infrastructure and product development, industry skilling and effective, targetted promotion in our selected leisure and business tourism markets. We intend to see tourism as a major cornerstone of the regional economy, providing sustainable income and employment in our community and increasing the liveability of the region through expanding local amenities and recreational assets.

The team at Mackay Tourism are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Running an organisation inevitably has negative impacts on the environment, and so we are doing what we can to reduce these issues. We have implemented in our business plan a Sustainability Plan, that outlines the things we are doing to reduce our environmental impact such as recycling, reducing our electricity consumption (installing LED lights, upgrading our air conditioner etc) and educating travellers on how they can travel lightly.

Climate Change has the potential to damage the beautiful reef and rainforest in The Mackay Region, and so we need your help to reduce emissions to reduce the change of our climate. Climate Change is simply explained as the change in average temperatures over time. The increase in atmospheric CO2 over the last few hundred years has increased global average temperatures. For more information on Climate Change, see Reef Catchments.

Tourism businesses can reduce their environmental impact by developing a sustainability plan. For Sustainability Plan tips and templates, go to . You can also calculate your carbon emissions, and offset them (using sites such as 

For more information on environmental sustainability and climate change, see the following web addresses:

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