Diversity Boardwalk


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Meander through Melaleuca woodland, a mangrove community, open eucalypt forest and vine thicket. The diversity of the unique flora that forms to create the natural paradise of Cape Hillsborough National Park is represented along the popular Diversity Boardwalk. This trail illustrates the way the Yuibera Aboriginal people used the park's native plants for survival.

Large rhyolite boulders scattered over the headlands and beaches of this naturally breathtaking area are a reminder of volcanic activity millions of years ago, as are volcanic plugs and other unique rock formations found in the park.

The first 300 metres of the Diversity Boardwalk is accessible to wheelchairs. The complete trail is a 1.2 kilometre return journey and takes 40 minutes to complete, allowing time to appreciate the natural beauty of the walk. Butterfly lovers will enjoy this walk as different breeds of butterfly can be seen year-round.

Map & Directions

Cape Hillsborough National Park, Cape Hillsborough, Queensland 4740 Australia

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