Winner TV - Best comedy at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Do you love staring at screens? Are you staring at a screen right now? You should get out more. Specifically to a show that has an enormous screen smack-bang in the middle of it.

The Umbilicals take the energy of live performance and the spectacle of cinema and smashes them together into a new show performed simultaneously on stage and on the big screen. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen, and nothing they’ve ever done, and it will blow your mind way more literally than you are expecting. The Distraction: enabling your screen addiction.

The Umbilical Brothers are an international comedy phenomenon. Their unique mix of mind-bending comedy and back-breaking physicality has taken the world’s favourite Australian comedy duo to 40 countries – from stadiums supporting Robin Williams to stadiums supporting N*Sync.

They haven’t just broken down the rules of theatre; they’ve invented a new theatrical multiverse. Unbelievable human performances meet special-effects wizardry. It feels so much like magic, you’ll want to burn them at the stake.

Age Recommendation: 12 years +

Warnings: Loud noises, simulated explosions

2024-06-15 19:30:00
2024-06-15 22:00:00

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