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Amazing Birdlife

It’s not just our rainforests and beaches that define Mackay Isaac’s beauty, our region is home to some of Australia’s most vibrant birdlife. Across the region are several unique ecosystems that support a range of spectacular birdlife, that will be sure to take your breath away. From the Kommo-Toera Trail and Botanical Gardens in Mackay, to the dashing colours on display in the Rainforests of Eungella, to the spectacle of migratory shorebirds nesting along Sandfly Creek Reserve every October to April - The Mackay Isaac Region is a must visit destination for bird and nature lovers.

Our tip: St Lawrence Wetlands, 150km south of Mackay, is home to over a 100 different bird species that will have you ticking off whole chapters in your bird watching guides. Around June each year, The St Lawrence Wetlands Weekend combines bird watching activities, displays and the finest local produce, making it a not to be missed event.

Amazing Birdlife

Mesmerising Dugongs

Discover these gentle giants as they feed on the sea-grass meadows throughout The Mackay Isaac Region. In 1997, the Great Barrier Reef Ministerial Council established Clairview, 120km south of Mackay, as a dedicated Dugong sanctuary. Since then, Clairview has become one of the world’s healthiest Dugongs habitats and a favourite spot for visitors. It’s not just Dugongs that make up the incredible sea life throughout the many islands and reef of The Mackay Isaac Region. Keep an eye out for marine Turtles, Sharks, Estuarine Crocodiles, and Dolphins to name just a few.

Our tip: We recommend taking a kayak to silently experience these majestic creatures as they feed. If you’re on a powered vessel, maintain a very slow speed to maximize your experience and protect the Dugongs and other marina life.

Spectacular Fishing

The Mackay Isaac Region is Australia’s premier recreational fishing destination. Within 45 minutes of Mackay, you can be fishing at a tropical reef, rainforest stream, blue water river, a sandy estuary or an inland dam. With world-class fishing and boating facilities, you can take advantage of one of the states only net-free zones, or the multiple stocked impoundments with no closed Barramundi season. Whether its hard-hitting pelagics offshore, the iconic Barramundi and Sooty Grunter in the dams, or exciting sports fish right at Mackay’s doorstep, you’ll find 365 days a year fishing in The Mackay Isaac Region.

Our Tip: Check out Hooked on Mackay for your full guide on all things fishing!

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Unique Platypus

World renowned as one of the best places to spot the illusive Platypus, Broken River is a must for visitors. Nowhere else in the world are wild platypus more common than the region’s rivers and streams. Head west via the Pioneer Valley to explore Eungella National Park and watch from several dedicated viewing areas these adorable creatures. Whether it be a day trip, or overnight stay, Broken River campground has the facilities to maximize your chances of spotting a Platypus, set amongst beautiful scenery.

Our tip: Although you may be lucky enough to spot Platypus throughout the day, dawn and dusk are when they are most active. Remember Platypus are skittish creatures so try and keep noise to a minimum.

Iconic Wallabies & Kangaroos

Think of Australia’s most famous icons, wallabies, kangaroos, and the beach, add in a beautiful sunrise and you have the Cape Hillsborough Sunrise with the Wallabies Experience. Perfect for capturing an #instaworthy shot, wallabies and kangaroos come to the beach to feed each morning as the sun rises on another day in paradise. Following sunrise, be sure to check out the walks and lookouts around Cape Hillsborough, and if the tides right, walk over to Wedge Island and check out the stunning rock pools and ancient volcanic landscape.

Our Tip: Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park is ideally located for guests looking to maximize their time with our national icons.

Majestic Whales

Drawing visitors from all over the world, whales on their annual migrations are a sight to behold. From June to September, onlookers along The Mackay Isaac Region coast, are treated to spectacular sights of Humpback Whales launching their 30-ton bodies into the air. The breathtaking view from Lamberts Lookout, only 10 minutes north of the city, is highly recommended, as are Campwin Beach and Keswick Island lookouts, both offering prime vantage points to spot these magnificent creatures. You may even be lucky enough to see young calves exploring the pristine waters of the region.

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