Let's get hooked on fishing in Mackay Isaac!

The Mackay Isaac Region is well known nationally and internationally, as one of the best fishing locations in Australia. Within 45 minutes you can be fishing at a tropical reef, rainforest stream, blue water river, a sandy estuary or an inland dam. With the highest fishing participation rate in the state, a huge variety of species and world class fishing and boating facilities Mackay Isaac offers the perfect destination for your next fishing adventure.

One of the greatest things about the region is the on-water options - there is always somewhere to fish, no matter the wind or tide. The locals often talk about "from reef to rainforest" and that pretty much sums up the fishing too. Not every day has great tides and five knot winds, but with the reef, Shipping Channel, islands, creeks, dams or rainforest streams to choose from, somewhere is always accessible.


Inshore Fishing

From large creek systems like St Lawrence Wetlands in the south to the beautiful bluewater Pioneer River in the centre of town and north to the Mackay Net Free Zone at Cape Hillsborough, the Mackay Isaac region is blessed with an abundance of pristine fisheries.

Most of the the region's estuary systems are wild ecosystems, with mangrove-lined banks, scattered rocks and sand bars. In the majority, most systems are fairly shallow, especially over larger tidal cycles, and only the larger systems can be easily accessed from the mouth at dead low tide. This means that fish, like barra, mangrove jack and fingermark, can be actively targeted over the low parts of the tide when they congregate in deep holes, bends and along banks where fallen timber is submerged.


Offshore Fishing 

There are plenty of options available offshore Mackay Isaac to stretch your arms and heat up your drags. Inshore coastal islands, reefs and shoals abound and are easily accessed and navigated with small vessels. These small islands and reefs hold fish, especially pelagics like trevally, mackerel and queenfish. Shallow water reef species like grass sweetlip and coral trout are also regular catches.

Further offshore, more seaworthy vessels can access the Sir James Smith Group of islands (from Seaforth), the Cumberland Islands (off Mackay) and the Beverley Group (off Sarina). Water depths around these islands vary, but are generally 30-40m, making them ideal for larger reef species and trophy pelagics like big spanish mackerel and giant trevally.





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