Home of the Platypus


No living mammal is more peculiar than the platypus — an Aussie icon, featured on Australia’s 20 cent coin, the platypus has been the subject of great controversy, baffling scientists, naturalists and evolutionary theorists ever since 1798.

DID YOU KNOW? Scientists initially wrote the platypus off as an elaborate hoax perpetrated by skilled taxidermists!

You can spot this shy and elusive creature right here in The Mackay Region! Eungella National Park is known as the best spot in Australia to see platypus in the wild!

Find viewing decks at Broken River, where you can spot this shy creature, as well as turtles and other wildlife. The best times to see this special monotreme is  at dawn or dusk. 

How to spot a platypus

  • Platypus are quite shy, so remain as still and as quiet as possible to increase your chances of seeing one.

  • Keep an eye out for air bubbles, as the platypus feeds from the bottom, but surfaces to chew its food and breathe.

  • They can remain underwater for one to two minutes and usually resurface for around ten seconds at a time

Learn more about Eungella National Park here

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