Iconic Planes Heading to Mackay

History will come alive at Mechanos 2018 as Paul Bennet Airshows brings some of the world’s most influential and iconic aircraft to Mackay. On Saturday 11 August Mechanos spectators will get closer than ever before to aircraft that have defined history, and seemingly defy the laws of physics.

The star of the Paul Bennet Airshows fleet is undoubtedly the Wolf Pitts Pro. With only two models ever produced, the Wolf Pitts Pro is capable of unbelievably wild manoeuvres that are unlikely to be reproduced by any another aircraft.

The aircraft has even been distinguished as the highest performing aerobatic biplane in the world. With pilot Paul Bennet at the controls, the biplane achieves a roll rate of more than 360 degrees per second.

Mr Bennet is looking forward to pushing both pilot and plane to the limit at Mechanos this year.

“The Wolf Pitts Pro is an incredible feat of design and engineering. Biplanes may look old fashioned, but the aircraft can pull off the sort of manoeuvres modern fighter jets can only dream of” explained Mr Bennet.

It’s not just aerobatics that are expected to wow the crowds this August. Paul Bennet Airshows will exhibit to Mackay an aircraft that played an important role in winning World War II.

The Grumman TBF Avenger at time of introduction in 1942, was the world’s most advanced torpedo bomber that, along with the SBD Dauntless, broke the back of the Japanese Navy in World War II.

The Avenger coming to Mackay pays homage to the VT.8 that flew from the US carrier USS Bunker Hill from March 1944. This aircraft took part in the two largest naval battles in history, the Battle of the Philippine Sea in June 1944, and the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October that same year.

Armed with 5 x .50 machine guns, 8 rockets and 2000lb of bombs or 1 x Mk13 torpedo, the Grumman Avenger was credited with sinking the largest warship in history, the 65 tonne Yamato.

Mr. Bennet said Mechanos would allow spectators to recognise and respect this historical aircraft and the brave pilots that flew it.

“The aircraft on display at Mechanos have been flown by numerous nations spanning over half a century”.

Mr Bennet continued “The stories the Grumman Avenger could tell are incredible. It’s an honour to fly such an historically significant aircraft”.

Mechanos tickets are available at discounted pre-event pricing, with adult tickets just $15, child tickets (ages 5-16) only $7.50 and pension card holder tickets $10. Mechanos promises to be an enjoyable and affordable day out with pre-event online family tickets $37.50.

Tickets can be purchased at http://www.mechanos.com.au/tickets/.



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Published: 5 July 2018 

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