Perched above five small beaches, Greenhill is an idyllic coastal settlement on the Isaac Coast, and the closest town to Cape Palmerston National Park.

To access this remote slice of natural paradise, drive to Ilbilbie, 76km south of Mackay. Ilbilbie is a travellers rest among the canefields and macadamia plantations. The service station provides a welcome rest with picnic tables, while a motel provides comfortable accommodation.

If you have a 4WD, you are in for a rugged adventure. Explore one of the best fishing grounds in Queensland at Yarrawonga and Notch Point. The area is famous for producing great whiting and flathead, while mud crabs are plentiful along the shore.

Visit the Australian Prawn Farm on Notch Point Road for an insight into how these crustaceans make it from the farm to your barbecue.

Accessible only via 4WD, Cape Palmerston National Park is an off-road paradise. Traverse the Oceanside Cape to view incredible marine life below, including turtles, dugongs and dolphins. The undeveloped wilderness surrounding Cape Palmerston’s camping areas provides access to excellent fishing locations and rugged bush walks. Open eucalypt woodland grows on the ridges, while mangrove swamps, rainforest and sand dunes are all part of the Cape’s rugged attraction.

You can still experience the beauty of the Ilbilbie area and Cape Hillsborough without a 4WD. A holiday park near Greenhill allows campers to enjoy beautiful sunsets over Mt Funnell, while a nature walk to the beach can provide a magical glimpse of fireflies which inhabit the bushland area in the evening.

The beaches are beautifully tranquil and provide access to the islands of the nearby Northumberland Isles in the Coral Sea. Launch your boat straight off the sand at Greenhill Beach.

With fringing native bush stretching toward the beach, birdwatching is popular in this naturally rugged environment. More than 50 varieties can be spotted in the area including the popular red-tailed black cockatoo.

Enjoy serenity at its purest with modern conveniences only a short drive away.

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