Instaworthy Locations

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to getting those #pictureperfect pics in the @visitmackayisaac region! From up-close animal encounters, to undiscovered #hiddengems and breathtaking views, we've got the lowdown on these truly #instaworthy destinations.

1. Sunrise + Native Animals = Iconic Shots

sunrise with the wallabies cape hillsborough

Casuarina Beach at Cape Hillsborough is the place to capture what has to be one of the most iconic Australian images you can imagine. Wallabies and Kangaroos come to the beach each sunrise to feed on mangrove seed pods, an important dietary supplement. It's no surprise this is a popular interaction point for human visitors and the local animals, so to keep our favourite marsupial buddies safe and manage visitation, wildlife rangers are on hand to guide and inform. Scientifically developed feed and cordoned sections are used to provide safe-zones for the animals and also allows for uninterrupted views. 

2. Sunrise Symphony over Sea

clairview beach

There's nothing more amazing than rolling out of bed and being greeted to a glorious sky full of colour over a quiet beach. The Isaac Coast has a great range of beachfront camping areas just perfect for capturing that experience - try Clairview, Carmilla, Notch Point and Cape Palmerston for front row seats to the best morning show around!

3. Beautiful Blues, Whales & Views

lamberts beach instagram

There's 31 beaches in the Mackay Isaac Region - that's a lot of dreamy sea and sand to explore and find the most dazzling photo locations. Our top tip: Lambert's Beach in Mackay's Northern Beaches has an amazing all access lookout. Bonus: during winter months, keep your lens trained on the ocean - whales can be spotted breaching and playing as they make their own way along the coast!

4. Do Go Chasing Waterfalls

araluen falls

Nestled within  the lush rainforests of Finch Hatton Gorge, Araluen Falls always looks amazing. The waterfall not only makes for spectacular photography, it's also a refreshing swimming spot!

5. An Island You Can Explore on Foot

wedge island instagram

Venture across the strait to Wedge Island and discover incredible rock pools and dreamy island views. Located just off Cape Hillsborough, the island is only accessible during low tide, but totally worth it!

6. The Best Window View Imaginable

sky window instagram

Perched up in the mystical rainforest of Eungella National Park, Sky Window Lookout offers magnificent views of the Pioneer Valley. This #instaperfect view is iconic to the region, with rainforest meeting lush valleys, mountain streams and canefields. 

7. Capture an Illusive Animal

platypus instragram

But only on camera of course! One of the world's most fascinating creatures, the platypus is high on many traveller's must-see bucket-list. Head to Broken River in the Eungella National Park, pick a spot at one of the viewing platforms, and your patience just might be rewarded for a truly special shot. Best times for viewing are dawn and dusk, but they are known to be out and about at all times of day. Look for ripples and bubbles and keep quiet for your best chance. 

8.  Panoramic Perfect Pictureslords table intagram

The impressive outlines of the Peak Range Mountains dominate the horizon for travellers heading west into the Isaac Inland. Sitting sharply against the deep cerulean of the outback sky, Lord's Table Mountain & Gemini Peaks are a photographer's dream subject.

9. Framing the Shot with Natural Architecture

arch tree eungella

One of the Mackay Isaac's most famous instaworthy locations, The Arch Tree in Eungella National Park is a forms a natural portal - it's easy to imaging being transported into a magical realm when you walk through on the trail. Is that just a light flare in that picture, or is it a rainforest fairy?

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