With a backdrop of clear blue skies and the sparkling Coral Sea, The Mackay Isaac Region is home to many islands ready to self-explore. 

Our beautiful region offers travellers the exciting opportunity of exploring a host of off-shore unspoilt tropical islands ready to explore. Situated at the southern entrance of the Whitsunday Passage is the beautiful Brampton Island which is designated national park and dotted with hoop pines, open grasslands, woodlands, sheltered bays and fringed by twelve glorious beaches. With privacy and relaxation assured, embark on an island getaway to Brampton aboard your own boat. Located just next door is Carlisle Island, a destination to discover magnificent melaleuca forests as well as a perfect place for wilderness seekers to pitch a tent, roll out the swag and camp under the stars. 

Other islands of interest include the popular Keswick Island where you will marvel at the colourful coral reefs, white sandy beaches, native grass trees and blue tiger butterflies!

60 kilometres north-east of Mackay is Scawfell Island which is surrounded by pristine coral gardens and home to an ancient Pleistocene reef and sandy beaches located on the western side of the Island.  Just off the coast of Seaforth are Newry, Rabbit, Outer Newry, Acacia, Mausoleum and Rocky Islands – wild and windswept with rocky, exposed headlands and sandstone cliffs! With an array of impressive islands to discover, a trip to Mackay wouldn’t be complete until you get out on the water and enjoy these spectacular scenic sights! Find out more about Mackay Islands below.  

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