Magic of Cape Hillsborough Showcased in Qantas Ad Campaign

Long treasured as an iconic Mackay Region experience, the spectacle of wallabies and kangaroos on Cape Hillsborough beach at sunrise is set to be showcased across the country, thanks to a new advertisement from Qantas.

Developed as part of new domestic travel campaign, the ad encourages frequent business travellers to use their points for family vacations.

Mackay Regional Council Mayor Greg Williamson was pleased Cape Hillsborough had been chosen as the destination for the upcoming campaign.

Cr. Williamson said, “Qantas is known to all of us as the flying kangaroo. In the Mackay Region we are lucky enough to have the real life equivalent, as every morning wallabies and kangaroos make their way down to the beach to bask in the magnificent reds and oranges of a Cape Hillsborough sunrise. What an appropriate destination therefore for Qantas to promote.”

He continued, “Our community should feel great pride in seeing the wallabies of Cape Hillsborough being showcased too and becoming a must visit destination for travellers from right across the country.”

“This new advertisement is another example of Mackay developing as a tourism destination, the investment from which will contribute jobs and economic growth for our region,” Cr Williamson said.

Cape Hillsborough and the wider Mackay Region looks set to reap similar benefits to Qantas’ 2017 inflight safety video. General Manager of Mackay Tourism Tas Webber explained.

“In just two and half short years, the Sunrise Wallaby Experience has exploded in popularity, from just a handful of visitors each day to now consistently over a hundred. The catalyst for this remarkable interest in Cape Hillsborough’s wallabies, and perhaps the stunning growth of tourism in Mackay, can largely be traced back to Qantas’ safety video,” he said.

“Nine successful quarters of visitor growth later, and once again The Mackay Region is set become the envy of, and reason to visit for thousands of visitors,” announced Mr Webber.

“Thanks to Qantas, people will be inspired to travel to The Mackay Region and will discover our incredible assortment of untouched wildlife encounters. Visitors will want to experience not just the wallabies of Cape Hillsborough, but the platypus of Eungella, or barramundi fishing off Seaforth, and will therefore generate economic investment throughout The Mackay Region,” he said.

Mr Webber also said, “the significant benefits from this advertisement are further demonstrations of the importance of partnerships between Mackay Tourism and international brands. Partnering with organisations like Qantas, unlocks new marketing opportunities and return on investments, crucial to building a desirable tourism destination.”

The new Qantas ad is available to watch on YouTube at and has been shared on the Visit Mackay Facebook page.



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Published: 14 June 2019 

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