Strong Community Support for Tourism

A new report has highlighted the importance of and support for tourism to The Mackay Region community. The Social Indicators study for 2019 has been released by Tourism and Events Queensland and is the result of community surveys regarding the impacts of tourism right across Queensland.

The Social Indicators study follows previous studies from 2010, 2013 and 2017, and compares results from Mackay to the rest of Queensland.

Complimenting tourism’s substantial economic investment to the Mackay economy, with 1,152,000 visitors contributing $588.7 million in overnight expenditure, the report also demonstrated tourism’s significant social benefits.

A consistent theme throughout the report has been the considerable community support for tourism and the recognition of its economic and social benefits. In most measurements, the Mackay community’s positive views on tourism scored well above the state average.

When asked a series of questions regarding attitudes on tourism in their local area, 63 per cent of respondents answered they really like tourists, a full 13 per cent above the state’s average.

Mackay Tourism Chief Executive Officer Tas Webber welcomed the Social Indicators study’s findings.

“It’s very pleasing to know that Mackay’s booming tourism industry has the region’s full support. The study found an incredible 60 per cent of respondents would like to see more tourists come to Mackay, almost double the 32 per cent result for Queensland,” Mr Webber said.

“82 per cent of respondents also called for more tourism development to occur in Mackay, which is well above the states average of 66 per cent. Meanwhile, only 2 per cent of Mackay’s residents responded they want less tourism. These results demonstrate very clearly, tourism’s place as a key pillar to The Mackay Region’s economy,” he said.

“Hopefully this community support for more tourism growth and development, and the strong demand for tourism product from an ever-increasing number of visitors, will translate into private investment in the form of more tour and attraction operators for the region,” explained Mr Webber.

Tourism’s impacts to Mackay have also been seen in a much more positive light compared to the rest of Queensland, with 54 per cent of respondents agreeing that tourism has a positive impact on their community, compared to 45% for Queensland.

Mackay Mayor Greg Williamson said the Mackay community recognised the benefits of tourism and was overwhelmingly supportive and welcoming of more tourism opportunities.  

“This study confirms that Mackay is a liveable, friendly community that warmly welcomes visitors and values their economic and social contribution,” he said.

“Compared to the rest of Queensland, we are more welcoming and have a greater appreciation of the positive impact tourism has on our community.”

“It’s a great reflection of how our natural tourism assets are pristine and uncrowded.

“It also demonstrates that our residents have a lot of pride in our region and a real desire to show it off to visitors.

“The Mackay Region fully supports our tourism industry, and as a community we all wish for it to grow and succeed,” he said.

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Published: 29 October 2019 

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