Wallabies on the Beach at Cape Hillsborough

Cape Hillsborough Natural Attractions

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Cape Hillsborough Beach, also know as Casuarina Beach, provides one of the most iconic Australian photo backdrops, the 'Roo on the beach' at sunrise.


Cape Hillsborough National Park, approximately 45 minutes north of Mackay, is where you'll find rainforest meets the shoreline, volcanic headlands, eucalypt forests home to koalas and kookaburras and prehistoric rock formations.

Cape Hillsborough Beach provides one of the most iconic Australian photo backdrops and is a dream for photographers searching for that 'wow' shot.

Wallabies and kangaroos scour the morning tide for mangrove seed pods, seaweed and coral sand dollars. Enjoy the sunrise as wild marsupials bound up and down the beach.

Remember however, that these are wild animals and should be treated as such. Please do not feed the kangaroos and wallabies and ensure to keep a safe distance at all times.

Map & Directions

Risley Parade, Cape Hillsborough 4740

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