Join MECC for this delightful picnic-style performance on comfortable pillows and mats in the North Foyer.

The Beanies are sincerely silly.

In fact, they’re full-time silliness professionals! But beneath the comedy lies a heartfelt mission to be every child’s BFF and champion their right to be gloriously and unapologetically themselves.

You might have seen the Beanies on their TV Show on ABC Kids. It’s not just a favourite but a TOP 10 ABC Kids sensation with millions of streams. The Beanies also rocked the podcast world with an award-winning series that has been downloaded over 1.5 million times. These podcast episodes are a treasure trove of stories, fun facts, catchy tunes and awesome adventures!

2024-04-14 10:30:00
2024-04-14 13:30:00

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