For over 15 years "Beatle Magic" has been declared the most authentic sounding Beatles tribute shows to hit Australian shores. This was the opinion of Australia's radio legend Bob Rodges himself, if anyone would know, Bob would.

Bob was assigned to travel with the Beatles in 1964 throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and New Zealand.

Ever since "Beatle Magic" has been posting there videos on YouTube, the reaction from people from around the world on how there is an amazing likeness to the original "BEATLES" vocal sound. Look for yourself by going to "Beatle Magic" on YouTube.

In 2017 "Beatle Magic" were nominated for the prestigious variety Mo Awards in the best tribute shows in Australia. They were again nominated for the "ACE" awards in 2019.

All Beatles fans, and those yet to become Beatles fans, are in for an amazing night's entertainment with the performance from "Beatle Magic"the most authentic-sounding Beatles tribute show to ever tour Australia.

Please note: This is a tribute concert.

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