Digital Marketing Webinar Series

To support our members to be more competitive in the online spaces we ran a series of educational webinars. 

  • 90% of people use the internet to search for their holiday inspiration and do their planning, but over 60% of them haven't yet committed to the destination so there is huge opportunity to share our Mackay story and influence their decisions
  • 65% of people will put an experience or destination on their bucket list based on the recommendations of their friends and family and 92% of people trust peer reviews over advertising
  • mobile and social are huge drivers of change in the way people are making their holiday choices and how they're booking their holidays, but unfortunately a lot of tourism businesses are challenged to adapt their marketing practices to keep up with how customers are using technology. 




Webinar 1 – Introduction: Marketing excellence for tourism businesses
About this webinar series,
how you can use it to improve your business performance and what you will learn
The 5 stages of travel and what excellence looks like at each stage
What is a digital marketing strategy and how it can grow your business



Webinar 2 – Planning for Growth
Set measurable goals
 for your business and digital marketing objectives
Define your target markets
How to use your digital marketing strategy template
Get started on your digital action plan


Webinar 3 – How to attract engage convert and delight more customers
Develop a channel strategy – where are your target customers?
Manage your online reputation to drive sales
Understand the value of content marketing and blogging for your business  


 Webinar 4 – Make your business stand out on Google
Understand how search works
Optimise your website
Optimise your Google My Business listing


Webinar 5 – Better social media use for your business
Social media case studies you can relate to
Facebook for marketing and customer service - making it work better for you
Instagram know how
Other social platforms. Do you need them?


Webinar 6 – Email marketing
How to set up an email marketing strategy that works
What data do you need to collect
How to segment your list
What systems can you use
How can you integrate with your reservation system

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